Uplift Students in times of need- Support the Good Samaritan Fund

Even our most industrious, well-prepared students are met with unexpected circumstances. The Good Samaritan Fund has assisted students who were victims of fires, or unexpected losses of income or housing where short-term help was needed for basic items. This temporary assistance made all the difference in keeping them in school and on track towards finishing the goal they set out to achieve.  

Lincoln Hooper utilized these services during his freshman year when he and his family lost their home in the Creek Fire near Shaver Lake. 

With financial support from the Good Samaritan Fund, Lincoln was able to cover his basic needs and secure housing in the student dorms, where he stayed with his dog, Martin, the only family pet he was able to save from the fire. 

“I remember there were two times that I’ve cried during all this," Lincoln said. “One of them was visiting the house, and the other one was looking at all the things that people had given me. I’m still amazed by how generous people can be, even without having met me."

If students are in a sudden financial crisis and have exhausted other resources, they can request a grant to cover a stolen laptop or medical bills due to a health crisis. For perspective, 111 students requested a Good Samaritan Fund grant the year before the pandemic. By contrast, after COVID-19 impacted campus, the fund received nearly that many requests (96) in a single three-week period. Thanks to their perseverance and support through the Good Samaritan Fund, 509 Fresno State students received grants during fiscal year 2020-2021, that allowed them to overcome crises and stay on course with their degrees. 

As a supporter of the Good Samaritan fund, your contribution can significantly impact students' lives. Your support may help students in some of the following ways. With a $50 contribution, you can supplement the cost of a textbook or essential school supplies. A $100 donation may cover a month’s utilities for a student. By giving $250, you can help with medical expenses, while a $500 contribution could provide housing or rent support. Finally, a $1,000+ donation can help replace necessary and personal items after a catastrophic event. No matter the amount, every donation to the Good Samaritan fund provides crucial support to our students when sudden hardships and tragedies occur. 

This June, our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Good Samaritan fund. Help us honor our newest alumni and gear up for those joining the Bulldog family in the Fall. 

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