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Since 1911, the University has grown to impact every facet of our region. Today, Fresno State admits, enrolls and graduates hardworking students from families of all income levels in larger numbers than ever before. Eighty percent of Fresno State’s students hail from the surrounding San Joaquin Valley and 65.7% are the first in their families to earn a college degree, changing the future trajectory of their families. With 80% of Fresno State graduates remaining in the Valley to become the next generation of leaders, they will become our future farmers, engineers, business leaders, scientists, accountants, nurses, social workers, artists, educators and law enforcement.

When Marisa Becerra decided to return to school in her forties and earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy,  she knew it would be a financial risk, but one that was imperative for her career. The rigorous nature of the doctoral program made it difficult to also work, and as a single mom, her free time was reserved for her son. But things changed when Marisa received her first-ever scholarship.

“In that moment, all the anxiety was taken away from me. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. ”

Scholarship support pays for students’ tuition, books, provides much-needed technology, or addresses our students' needs for housing. Scholarships keep them on the path toward success. For students like Marisa, the ability to focus more on their college experience and less on their financial circumstances is invaluable. When we remove financial barriers for students, they have the resources to thrive. 

Your contribution in support of scholarships can profoundly transform students' lives in numerous impactful ways. A $100 donation may supplement transportation costs to campus, while $250 could help with study abroad costs. With $500, you could cover the cost of books, and $1,000 may be used for purchasing a laptop. A generous $7,341 contribution would provide tuition and fees for an entire year for a California undergraduate student. Your gift in any amount, lifts a burden off students and allows them to grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

This June, our goal is to raise $10,000 for Fresno State Scholarships. Help us honor our newest alumni and gear up for those joining the Bulldog family in the Fall. 

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