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Suport Grandad Archeological Field School

Over the last 23 years the Anthropology Department has run an archeological field school at the Grandad site in the Sierra Foothills. This old village site has been occupied for over 9,000 years and thus provides a rich learning environment for our students. We have always had a strong presence of local Native Americans which has allowed them to learn about archeology, but just as importantly, it provides them the opportunity to teach my students their cultural heritage and values. This knowledge and perspective is crucial to shaping the next generation of archeologists. Thus, the field school not only involves digging and screening for artifacts, but traditional Native American songs, storytelling and games. My students often feel that this is an experience that they remember for a lifetime. Unfortunately, archeological field schools are expensive to run, and finding sources of funding outside of the university is always crucial. Your support will help this valuable experience continue to be available for our students.

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One of my favorite Native American stories is about Hummingbird's effort to put out a raging forest fire by repeatedly spitting small amounts of water on the flames. When Coyote asks him what he is doing, he responds, just the best I can! Sometimes that is enough. $20 may seem like a small donation, but these dollars can add up!


Signed Grandad Cartoon

Most folks that have taken the Grandad Archeological Field School over the years, strongly remember being carootned by me when the class is running smoothly. If you donate $40 or above you can get your very own signed copy of a Grandad Cartoon. Please let me know if you would like to receive a cartoon.


Grandad Tarps

Did you know that the heavy duty tarps used at Grandad costs $50. DAMMMM think of how many tarps we have used over the years. Your donation of $50 can provide the field school with this crucial item.


Shirt Worthy

The unit that finds the best artifact each day are awarded the Potlach bowling shirt. Gaylen often referred to a special find as "Shirt Worthy" If you donate $100 you sure will be SHIRT WORTHY!


10 Grandad Metal Stakes

How many times have I told my students when I have seen metal stakes scattered across the site, "Hey those things don't grow on trees!!! CHA CHING" Well 10 12 inch metal stakes actually cost $160. Your donation of $160 can keep our units strung up and make sure our tarps don't blow away at Grandad.


Porta Potty

There is nothing more crucial to the smooth running of the Grandad Archeological Field School than porta potties!!!! My students often break in to a hearty HAZARRRRR when the pumper truck arrives mid way through the field class with the prospect of a fresh smelling Prota Pot. Think of how happy you can make future students with your $650 donation.


Eagle Clan

The Chiefly Lineage of California Native Americans was called the Eagle Clan. Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting elders from the Eagle Clan. They indeed have something special about them. Some of my non-Native American students have also had those special qualities. A donation of $1000 will add you to this special high flying category.

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