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Thanks and please help!

October 15, 2020

Hello Dear Friends:

Thanks so much for your generous donations.  We have achieved the half-way mark.  We have two weeks left and we have achieved 75 donors.  We are 75 donors away from our goal of 150 donors.  Would you be so kind and pass the information to your family and friends, please.  It is very doable to get 75 donors in 15 days.  It is up to our community.  If you can e-mail your family and friends, or any list you have, that would be awesome.  For those who do social media, we would be very thankful if you could share on your pages.  As loyal supporters we really need your help.  Please reach out to your family and friends. 

Many, many thanks--all the best to all of you.


A million Thanks

October 09, 2020

Hello everyone:

Thanks so much to all who have donated so generously to this cause.  We appreciate it very, very much.  Although we have gone a bit over 5 thousand we will continue to ask for donations until the end of the month.  We are still short on our goal for number of donors.  Our goal for this year is 150 donors.  Last year we had 131.  So far this year we are at 65.  We have 21 days to reach that number.  Again, a million thnkas to all who have contributed.  If you could ask a family member or a friend to do the same we would be very grateful.  We have more exciting news coming to PBBI at Fresno State in the very near future.  Also, if you use social media, please pass the information there as well.  May all of you have a magnificent weekend.    



Many Thanks

October 04, 2020
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As a Friend, your donation will support Storytelling and Language Learning - allowing us to bridge generations in the Portuguese-American community. Your donation will help us coordinate the variety of projects among the linguistics experts at Fresno State to create the fundamentals of this project.



As a Supporter, your donation of $50 can help us achieve the goal of building community through outreach to community organizations in order to create the tools that will set the foundation in creating "language experts" in our own community.



With a $100 Patron donation you will assist the research being done by linguistic students and faculty who are working to create the basis for a living inter-generational bridge through storytelling in the Portuguese-American community.



As a Pillar donor, your $250 dollar donation can help us in the development of tools to rain Portuguese “language experts” to become community Portuguese “language teachers” in formal and informal settings (community organizations, libraries, church groups, etc.)



As a Legacy donor, your $500 donation can be a part of assuring the academically solid development of curriculum and materials to equip people to teach at home to their families.