Mascot Mania: Support Victor E. Bulldog III

Why Give?

The Live Mascot Program is casting a vision for the future that expands the program’s visibility, recognition, and impact. Throughout the month of April, all funds raised from these crowdfunding efforts will go towards the costs associated with the Live Mascot Program – transportation between events and appearances, health insurance and required licenses, and necessary supplies such as food and medicine that ensure the physical and psychological health of Victor E. Bulldog III! 

With donor support, the Live Mascot Program will be empowered to: 

(1) Raises the program’s profile, elevating the University to national recognition and solidifying support for Fresno State. 

(2) Create opportunities for greater community involvement with initiatives within the Live Mascot Program such as visits as a certified therapy dog.

(3) Ensure that this vital part of the Fresno State experience continues in perpetuity for future generations of Bulldogs and community members.

For more information on the Live Mascot Program at Fresno State, visit


Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes! All philanthropic contributions to Fresno State are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Yes! Fresno State will send you a receipt for your contribution shortly after you make your gift.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately upon finalizing your gift on the site.

Can checks be mailed in if donors would not like to give online?

Checks can be mailed to 5244 N Jackson Ave, Fresno, CA 93740.  Checks must be received prior to the projects closing date.

What happens if a project is overfunded?

If a campaign raises more than its stated funding goal, we will work with the project team to determine whether the surplus should be used to expand or enhance the project, or reserved for use by similar projects in the future.        

What if the project I am supporting does not meet its funding goal?

If the campaign falls short of its funding goal, the funds raised will still be released to the project’s respective campus area. In the event that a project cannot be undertaken because of the shortfall, the money raised will be retained by the sponsoring college, school or program for use on a project with similar goals.