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Help fund Fresno State Dietetic Internship Experiential Learning

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An Apple A Day

An apple TODAY, will help partially pay an online subscription to ThinkSpace for one intern! ThinkSpace is an active learning and problem-solving technology platform with a set of teaching tools designed to help students decipher complex problems they eventually will confront in the workplace. If four donors did this, it could fully fund one subscription for one intern. FYI - apple trees take 4/5 years to produce their first fruit and are picked by hand in the fall - this is very similar to our dietetic internship program.


Broccoli Bushel

This donor pledge can help provide 1/2 the cost to access a ThinkSpace online subsciption for one intern ($40 full price). Broccoli comes in bushels, thanks for your support, if you are interested in helping with the Nutrition Care Pro simulation case studies consider more options below. The health benefits of broccoli include its ability to prevent, cancer, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, detoxify the body, and maximize vitamin/mineral uptake, very similar to how our programs dietetic interns help build the health our community and program mission.


Kale is King

This donation will fully fund ONE interns' online license to ThinkSpace or almost 1/2 the cost of the Nutrition Care Pro student subscription. Kale, our new BFF with Benefits, the most popular "Superfood" is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Providing funding at this level will help our interns act as superhero’s, dramatically increasing the total nutritional profile of individuals and the community as a whole.


The "Whole" Avocado

This level will provide almost 2 dietetic interns an online subscription to ThinkSpace or over 1/2 the total cost ($120) for one subscription to Nutrition Care Pro simulation/case studies. Avocado's have heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, are loaded with fiber, contain more potassium than bananas, and are high in antioxidants. This combination makes avocados weight loss friendly, heart healthy, and last but not least, taste incredible, just like the advice our dietetic interns offer during their counseling rotations at area health clinics.


Plant Based Protein Orchard

This level will fund one intern the full subscription to Nutrition Care Pro simulation case studies. Almonds are edible seeds of the almond tree. Dietetic interns are the seeds that help our area hospitals screen for malnutrition and offer nutrition support. Almonds remain Fresno County’s top farm crop, however there are only 262 dietetic internship programs in the nation; help seed our program.


MyPlate Full Meal Plan

When you help at this level, you are helping our program focus on variety, amount and health for everyone. This amount will fund over 6 interns for the ThinkSpace Dietetics Platform or 2 subscriptions to Nutrition Care Professionals. Our journey is shaped by many factors but this will help provide a colorful promise providing the necessary food groups (i.e. Competency, experiences, etc.) for dietetic professionals to complete the program to become future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.